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The pack is stuffed with try-before-you-buy samples and products, plus lots of money-off vouchers and exclusive offers to help lower the cost of your pregnancy. There's also a little added help in there too, with Bounty's Baby Product Guide which is filled with expert reviews on products available and what you might need for your bundle of joy to suit all budgets.

The site also offers some more added bonuses if you join them for free. Free dental treatment and prescriptions. Free clothes and baby equipment. If you're on a low income, you may be able to get help from the charity Care Confidential. Just fill out a form and a badge will be sent by post. Free pregnancy books. Free vitamins, milk, fruit and vegetables. Cheap contraction timer.

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Child Benefit. You can currently claim Child Benefit as soon as your baby is born. Free help with colic and crying. It might just keep you sane. It also promises to send exclusive offers and competitions, regular baby development emails, and an A to Z of pregnancy and baby health. You also get 20 per cent off toys on your child's birthday and you might even be sent products to test too.

Sign up to the SMA Baby Club , run by the baby milk manufacturer, and you'll be sent a "Baby Time" calendar covering milestones of your baby's first 1, days. We also round-up what maternity pay you get in the UK , how much leave you are entitled to and what the law is on returning to work.

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Email us at money the-sun. Sign in. All Football. There are often extra discounts available if you've tots in tow. If your baby is small enough to sit on your lap while watching the film, they can go for free to screenings with a U, PG or 12A certificate. However, it does say it's at the manager's discretion. Odeon also runs ' Odeon Newbies ' — special film screenings that have brighter lights and lower volume especially for parents and guardians with new babies. Adults pay for a usual ticket and under twos go free. Offers free entry for babes in arms to morning or afternoon screenings with a U, PG or 12A certificate.

Also runs ' Cinebabies ' screenings for parents and babies where it says it will store your pushchair, provide nappy changing facilities not available in Brighton , dim the lights and turn down the sound slightly. Babies under two can get in for free if they sit on your lap and don't need a seat. This applies to films rated 12A or below, starting before 10pm, if they're with an adult over It also runs Toddler Time screenings for pre-schoolers. Cinemas can offer special rates for kids, teens, families, students and off-peak films, so do check with your local first.

Time spent doing this early can be a huge help later, when you're exhausted from nappy changes and feeding. It needn't take too long. It's unlikely you'll want to cook much in the first few weeks, let alone find the time to. If your new baby gets cash gifts from family and friends, make sure their first bank account has the best interest rate possible.

Many banks let you open accounts for your kids from birth. Yet there are quick tricks to help bring costs down. Before you spend, do your research. Think about which features are most important to you. Is having a lightweight number more important than one with all the bells and whistles? Does it need to fold up as small as possible to fit in the car or hallway?

There are masses of different types, so draw up a list of your priorities. Also ask friends and family if they've any unused prams or pushchairs you could borrow — if you don't mind the type, it may save you having to buy one at all. Once you've decided the type, compare prices online to get the cheapest price from new as a benchmark. Depending on the type you've got, it may even be possible to buy just the detachable carry cot if you've got the frame already, so check on the retailer's or manufacturer's website to see if it's possible for your model.

Unwanted doorstep sellers can be hugely frustrating, particularly if you've just got your newborn to sleep. Some forumites advocate getting your baby used to noise early, yet it's still handy way to get some peace after a sleepless night. One MoneySaver reports:.

Midwife and Life - Pregnancy Freebies List for the UK The Ultimate List - Midwife and Life

I was getting very annoyed being disturbed by the doorbell when feeding my baby, as was she. I've only had one cold caller since the sign went up and felt fine about shutting the door! If you've little time and heaps of similar small items, consider selling them as a bundle.

This works especially well with baby clothes. But sell more expensive branded goods individually — don't bung Baby Gap in with Tesco Value. If you're buying pricey baby equipment which you plan to sell after you've used it, forumites recommend hanging on to the boxes if you've got space. Selling items in their original boxes may help to fetch a better price, though only sell when you're sure you won't need the items again.

They're tax-free until their 18th birthday often beyond to build a nest egg for adult life. But for many, they simply aren't worth it. As most kids don't pay tax, junior ISAs have limited benefits so are generally most helpful for more affluent families. When they reach 18, they can do whatever they want with it — including blowing the lot. Even cute toddlers can become rebellious teens, so you may prefer to save for them in your account instead. These are great for picking up freebies of all kinds, from toys and baby clothes to games and PCs.

It's also a handy way to have a clear-out while helping others. Some success stories for inspiration:. I love Freecycle!

Free Baby Stuff UK: Ultimate List Of Freebies, Vouchers & Samples For New Mums & Pregnant Women.

I've used it loads to get baby things for my first which has been so helpful. We've given away a lot of things too. It's worth noting you should be wary of secondhand kids' car seats though, as they may have been damaged in an accident. You could be paid to take part in online surveys, which are often short enough to fill in during breaks between feedings. There's lots more you can do to make extra cash, even while at home looking after kids. If you're making your home safe for a crawling tot do it sooner than you think , don't rely on an adult's-eye view.

To make rooms more child friendly, crawl round on hands and knees, this gives a view of the world from their angle. Makes you realise corners of coffee tables etc are danger zones. Cover corners and any crevices where little fingers could get stuck, eg, DVD player openings. Ensure household appliances are well out of reach, eg, irons, hair straighteners and hairdryers. Remove any small objects — as well as ornaments, hunt for any overlooked stray coins or buttons they could pick up from the floor. Cot death charity The Lullaby Trust recommends you should place your baby on his or her back to go to sleep, never sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair, and not let anyone smoke in the same room as your baby.

It also has a free helpline on Before you rush to the shops, remember to factor in any baby gifts — clothes and toys are common presents from friends and family for newborns, and mean you need to buy less.

These high street eateries are offering freebies for mums all around the UK to

Remember, babies grow rapidly. If you buy masses of newborn gear they may grow out of it before they've worn it all, so it's worth stocking up on larger sizes too. A treasure trove of extra cash is available to help families. Just enter your details and it'll show how much you may be entitled to.

How to get Free Baby stuff

This'll help check your eligibility for all the main benefits, including council tax and housing benefit, income support and many, many more. There are masses of benefits available to help families and those on lower incomes. Here are some to get you started Maternity Grant. It's a one-off payment if you've had a baby or adopted in the last three months to help pay for baby equipment.

baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
baby freebies uk Baby freebies uk
Baby freebies uk

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