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Ironically since they are using a lot less video to show their experiences compared to airlines but that is most likely because their budget is a lower. One of the findings that surprise me the most is that tour agents focus mostly on general ads rather than selling the experience.

I find it odd as they are using more video and articles which are suitable for what they do. In fact, they use articles a lot more than the rest of the companies. Another thing that I noticed is that the vast majority of the images used were stock photos. One thing to keep in mind is that many ads contain text.

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The cost of most of the bookings made is a significant amount of money to the guests, so generally, they take more convincing and longer time to book — hence the need for travel consultants at tour agencies. I divided the data into the following categories based on my previous experience with advertising in the field:. Instead, I looked at the offer as an indication of the purpose of the ad.

Also, ads had to be in English or directly translated. My aim was to study how different travel businesses handle their advertising on Facebook.

The 18 Best Sites and Apps for Last-Minute Travel Deals

I do see an opportunity for improvement for most of the travel companies in this study. Based on the content, it looks like they are treating Facebook as a way to boost generic campaigns rather than utilizing the power of targeting that Facebook ads have to offer. Great article. Great analysis!

Yes, travel sector is underutilizing Facebook advertising and can go a lot deeper on specific offers and targeting. Thank you. I have been doing the Facebook Advertising since last 3 years. These are very interesting insights. I am searching for making campaigns for generating leads for travel agency and your article has helped me a lot.

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Learn More. Our technology platform has the most travel data points in the world, giving travel marketers a new and advanced way to reach their customers.

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Enterprise Koddi provides the data and tools needed to manage enterprise-level digital marketing campaigns at scale on metasearch and social channels. Sponsored Listings Drive incremental revenue and monetize website traffic through pay per placement listings and data-driven ad delivery. Check out the latest insights, thought leadership and success stories from our team.

We’ve Analyzed 100 Ads in the Travel industry and here’s what we’ve found

Within the framework of the updated hotel search experience, Read more. There were probably less than 50 true experts in the entire world. Few people had real insight into how these campaigns worked across the market.

The best websites for finding travel deals

While the concept of target audiences has been around for as long as marketing itself, the evolving digital landscape has changed the way that brands reach their customers online today.

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